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Hello and welcome to Dan Campos Fitness. I am a certified personal trainer, as well as a natural professional bodybuilder. I began my interest for fitness during the summer of 2003. I have always been fascinated with being in good health and having a good physique. I have always been fairly active; I played baseball most of my life, and I always played other recreational sports. After high school, I decided to focus on making my body healthier and leaner. I lost over 65lbs and decided to participate in my first natural bodybuilding show. After competing for the first time, I decided that helping others achieve good health was something that I wanted to do. Most recently, I competed in the 2009 NGA Potomac Cup and won the overall and my pro card. I believe that my passion for fitness and the focus that bodybuilding has taught me has allowed me to deliver the best service and results to each one of my clients. I take the same approach to results that I take when I am preparing for a show. I believe that a good, solid nutrition program is the key when trying to reach your goals.

My overall fitness philosophy can best be summed up by a single word: BALANCE!
I believe it takes a balance between good eating habits, good training habits, and adequate rest. In our eating habits, we want to achieve balance through appropriate meal patterning and frequency of feeding. It is important that each meal consists of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in proper balance. Proper eating will not only make you feel healthier, but it will keep your metabolism stoked!

I believe that proper training will lead to maximum results. During the initial fitness & functional assessment, I analyze your strengths and weaknesses in order to focus on and improve the weak link - "You are only as strong as your weakest link!” I also want to train sport and/or work-specific movements while always encouraging the development of ideal posture. My training is very dynamic; I like to take the body through different forms of stress in order to stimulate the body as much as possible. By doing exercises that are functional, multi-dimensional, and core involved, I believe you can achieve the greatest results.

Finally, ample rest and recuperation are vital to achieve success with your training. Sleep is, of course, a must as is the appropriate frequency of training to provide sufficient recuperation between workouts.

At Dan Campos Fitness, my philosophy is BALANCE!


Fitness Training Options

Dan has a program to fit every need and budget. A few of the options are:

  • One-on-One personal training: Personalized one-on-one sessions will get you the greatest results in the least amount of time. Nutrition and cardio plan is included to maximize results.

  • Semi-private personal training (up to 6 people): Semi-private training allows the maximum results of one-on-one training, but at a fraction of the cost. These high-energy workouts are personalized and filled with exercises to keep your heart rate pumping. A customized nutrition plan is included to assure the best results.

  • Body Transformation Boot Camp: These 50 minute high-intensity, calorie burning boot camp workouts will kick-start your metabolism and get you that lean body that you've always wanted. A customized nutrition plan is included to assure the best results.

  • In-home training (one-on-one and semi-private training): Are you finding it hard to get to the gym and work out? Let me come to you. No equipment? No problem. Get in the best shape of your life all at the comfort of your home. A customized nutrition plan is included to assure the best results.

  • Online training & nutrition counseling: Is your current routine or nutrition plan failing you? Online training and nutrition counseling is the perfect way to get past your sticking point and on your way to lean, sculpted arms and sexy abs.

  • The 3 week Body Transformation: Are you stuck at a weight loss plateau? Are you just starting out with your weight loss goals? Not sure which what type of fitness commitment is right for you? The 3 week body transformation program is designed to help you get on the right track to having a lean and toned body.


How will I benefit from working with a personal trainer?

You WILL benefit in so many different ways! Here's just a short list:

  • motivation personal fitness training los gatos

  • accountability

  • consistency

  • most effective exercise and nutrition strategies

  • educational

  • measure and track your progress

  • increased strength & energy

  • lose weight

  • burn off stubborn body fat

  • increase metabolism

  • improve flexibility

  • eliminate aches and pains

  • tighten and tone muscles

  • slow down & or even reverse the aging process!

And many more Benefits... I could go on for Days!


Types of Training

Trifecta Training

Trifecta training incorporates cardiovascular, resistance and plyometric movements within the workout. This all-in-one system Gets the heart pumping, the muscles working, and the entire core engaged. The workouts are functional, multi-planar and unique. The purpose of trifecta training is to create a cardio environment and a muscle toning environment at the same time, while burning the most calories in the shortest time possible. Three key exercises are picked to make sure that every muscle in the body is working within the set.

Dynamic Complexes

Dynamic circuits are done with just one piece of equipment. They can be done with anything from barbells, dumbbells, body weight and resistance bands. The exercises are designed for a maximum conditioning workout. The goal of dynamic complexes is to use as many muscles as possible and to ensure that the metabolism will skyrocket.

Super resistance cardio

Super resistance cardio is a high-intensity technique used to not only burn a lot of calories in a short time, but also to keep your metabolism elevated for up to 18 hours. Wind sprints, hill sprints, sled sprints and cardio intervals are all sued to tone and tighten the lower body and to create a lean body without doing an hour a day on the treadmill.


If you are tired of those unwanted pounds of body fat, and are ready to transform your body. My personal training programs are for you. The program are designed for those who are serious about making changes now... and our Step-By-Step Guide to Weight Loss program will get you results FAST!


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Success Stories

"After working with Dan for 3 months, I was able to fit back into all of my "skinny" jeans :) It's a wonderful feeling being in better shape than I was in my 20's."

Lisa, 33
Back in the "skinny" jeans


"First off, I want to say thank you. You have truly helped me transform my body as well as my attitude towards myself. You have been so motivating and positive! I would have never been able to achieve this success without you."

Kelly, 37
Positive thoughts, positive changes


"Dan has an approach to fitness like I've never seen. I've had several trainers in my quest for my "new" body without any real results. Dan's personality and knowledge shine when he trains. It's a great experience.. Oh, and the results are great, too!"

Mission accomplished


Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I meet with a personal trainer?

This still depends upon your goals, how quickly you want to achieve them, your schedule and time available to exercise, and your budget... but when considering the cost, be sure to remember that this is your health and there is nothing on earth that is more important... because without it you have nothing.

On average, most clients do best when they meet with a personal trainer 3 - 4 times per week... less than that many people will slack off and not get nearly as much out of it. Here are a few things to keep in mind when determining how often you'll meet with your trainer...

How fast do you want to achieve your goal and see results?

The more frequently you meet with your trainer the faster you'll see results and achieve your goals and there are several reasons for this... consistency, accountability, motivation, guidance, you'll work much harder with your trainer than on your own, etc.

How much experience with exercise do you have and how much do you really know?

While many people have exercised before, many for years... but do you really know it all? It's not likely... we spend years and years studying and learning to know what we know and our primary focus is on helping and teaching you. Think about it... if you don't know taxes (like I sure don't :) ) are you going to try to figure it out yourself or have someone help you? Why leave your fitness results to chance?

Many of my clients have openly expressed to me that they have joined gyms in the past and started going for a month or so then never returned. Why? #1 reason was that they didn’t have to go if they didn’t want to even though they know they should. Our surveys indicated the exact opposite response… That our current/past clients actually ENJOY coming because they achieve their desired results, love the variety of training, appreciate personalized instruction and to top it off have FUN!

Stop wasting your time, energy, and money... get started now and in just weeks you'll be looking and feeling great... we guarantee it!

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